Reviving the Tourism, Art and Culture in RMCO

Malaysia tourism is reviving while the Art and Culture sector is working hard to save themselves.

It has been months since the Covid-19 outbreak and we are now finally in the Recovery Movement Control Order status, also know as RMCO. Many companies and SMEs were badly affected during the MCO, but fortunately, with some help from the government, companies who were manage to survive the Covid-19 crisis are slowly getting back on their track. According to the Deputy Tourism, Art and Culture Minister Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, the tourism can stay positive as the rebuilding is already in progress once Malaysia was recognised as green zone. As domestic tourism is encouraged to Malaysians, AirAsia as well as many tourist hotpots are responding to the government by giving out special offers for this post Covid-19 situation. For instance: AirAsia is offering special RM88 and RM208 fixed fares promo for all seats and all flights within Malaysia till 30 November 2020. Besides, the observation decks in Menara Kuala Lumpur are open for visitors without any charges till 31 July 2020.

However, the art and culture sectors are being neglected by the government. Although most art workers, mostly freelancers, may be eased by the assistance from PRIHATIN just like most Malaysia employees, but it is barely sufficient to sustain the art business.

@6SENSE / Ho Zi Ming

Therefore, in order to sustain in the Covid-19 crisis, art workers are helping each other. Event space owned by artists known as Kongsi Kilang Lama, is now open every Sunday for anyone who needs a space which attracts contemporary dance artists to practise at Kongsi Kilang Lama, and with people who were hanging out there to stop and watch them practise, it started becomes a mini contemporary dance showcase.

Other than that, Sentul Depot who used to organise art festivals for artists is teaming up photographers to conduct an Exploration & Photography Workshop. With an entry fee of RM50, you may get to explore and taking photograph at the Sentul Depot with award winning photographer Tay Keen Meng from All Is Amazing studio.

The indie music industry is also putting effort to sustain their business. Live Fact KL is organising a virtual concert to reconnect musicians and fans. With a minimum of RM35, you will get the virtual showcase ticket and there are various kinds of package that you can choose to support them. If you are interested, you may click on the link below to show your support to our local art community.

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