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2月29日的市场营销——案例 Leap Year Marketing Idea — Case Studies





February 29 is an exceptional date. It comes around only once every 4 years to right the course of the Gregorian Calendar after the earth’s rotation has thrown it off a bit. The uniqueness of Leap Day offers the perfect opportunity for brands to run a special promotion/campaign that takes advantage of a Leap Year theme.


-多芬- 《真实的美丽》

-Dove- “Real Beauty Campaign”

在2月29日这天,多芬推出《真实的美丽》这个市场活动。Dove多芬強調“自信美”,還成立了一個自信基金會(Dove Self Esteem Fund),專門推廣美麗自信的概念。即使是这个多出来的一天,也应该要自信、要爱自己。借此,多芬不只是在观众心中种下了自信的种子,还宣传了自己的品牌使命。


Dove launched a marketing campaign on Feb 29 as an extension of the concept of Real Beauty (women of all ages, shapes and sizes are featured in soap ads). The marketing campaign held a self-esteem workshop for pre-adolescent boys and girls around the world. Linked with the mission of making more women feel beautiful every day, Dove wanted to raise the awareness of their mission in this extra day in the year.


-乔治镇梅尔罗斯酒店- 《你永远是少年》

-Melrose Georgetown Hotel- “Forever Young”






Did you ever think about it this way? Celebrate your birthday and you’re one year older. For leaplings, they can only celebrate their birthday every quadrennial. A funny joke related to leaplings: A person who was born on the 29th of February. So if they were born on the 29/02/2004 they will only be 4 years old now (2020) because it is only the 2nd time it is the 29th of February. They are actually 16 but it only the 4th time that it is the actual date of their birthday. Melrose Georgetown Hotel wants to prepare an unforgettable birthday celebration for its leaplings customer by giving out overnight accommodation and dinner for two.


-必胜客- 《披萨派对》

-Pizza Hut- “Pizza Party in Leap Year Capital of the World”


Pizza Hut gives all the leapling a free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza. Besides, Pizza Hut also hosts a Pizza Party in Anthony, Texas, as known as the “Leap Year Capital of the World”. Since 1988, the town has hosted a birthday festival each Leap Year for people born on Feb. 29, welcoming individuals from all around the world to its Leap Year celebration. This year, Pizza Hut will add to the town’s annual birthday party parade with the choice of a free cheese or pepperoni Personal Pan Pizza from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for people in attendance at the annual parade in Anthony.

– Zappos- 《先驱者》

-Zappos- “Take the Leap”


Zappos filed a petition with to make Leap Year a federal holiday. They are supporting this with their #TakeTheLeap campaign while also shutting down shop for the day – even their call center. As the concept of Feb 29 is the extra day of the year, and it only happens once every four years, Zappos wants to give that day back to the PEOPLE.

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