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We are 6Sense Marketing

​6Sense Marketing is not your traditional content marketing company. At 6Sense, our focus is on connecting Brands and Publishers to tell high-quality, brand-aligned, commissioned news stories. What we do is empower Brands to tell quality stories that are written by professional, commissioned journalists. Our growing and diverse network of publisher partners produce commissioned articles that are brand-aligned, transparently labeled and are educational and informative.

  • We understand that challenge, and we also know what it takes to be successful.
  • We are committed to providing that knowledge, experience and expertise to as many other small businesses are possible.


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Launched in 2016, sousoukan.my Johor promotes local businesses, websites and e-Commerce throughout the world and specific township. We use our own algorithms to reach audiences most likely to respond to our ads, giving publishers/clients a highly effective way of monetizing their traffic and explores their business information. We offer our advertising and promotional services to individuals, small businesses as well as large corporations in many different languages and at local, national or international levels. Likewise, we assist advertising, marketing and communication teams to improve the services which they provide to their clients.

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2月29日的市场营销——案例 Leap Year Marketing Idea — Case Studies

说到四年一次,你会想到什么呢?喜爱体育的人或许会想到奥运会,喜欢足球的人会想到世界杯足球赛, 而今天我们要说的其实是:四年一次的闰年——2月29日的市场营销。很多商家都都想要在这个特别的日子里举办活动,吸引更多顾客,但是又该怎么做呢?以下是真实的企业例子。     February 29 is an exceptional date. It comes around only once every 4 years to right the course of the Gregorian Calendar after the earth’s rotation has thrown it off a bit. The uniqueness of Leap Day offers the perfect opportunity for brands to run a special promotion/campaign that takes advantage of a […]

Is TikTok Really In The Market? TikTok真的在市场上吗?

TikTok has become one of the most downloaded apps in the world. It is basically a platform where people of the internet upload short videos either of themselves or with a group of friends. TikTok已成为世界上下载次数最多的应用程序之一。基本上,这是一个平台,大家可以在互联网发布个人或团体的短片。

The spirit of Johor Chingay Parade — the threat of COVID 19 武汉肺炎也阻挡不了的柔佛古庙游神精神

The Johor Chingay parade has been an annual tradition for Johorians. Today, in Malaysia, Chingay is not only attended by the Chinese, but the art has successfully attracted the Malays and Indians. It has become a unique multiracial event. ◎ 6SENSE / 黄静仪 Wong Cheng Yee

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